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Dystopian Wars: (Accessories) Effects Set

Manufacturer: Spartan Games
Dystopian Wars: (Accessories) Effects Set

SRP: $21.00
Cost: please inquire
Dystopian Wars presents a world where the major military powers command devastating Naval Dreadnoughts, gargantuan Robots, hulking Land Ships and giant, flying War Rotors. The Dystopian Wars Effects Set contains 24 coloured acrylic (a combination of red and black) tokens that, together with the DWEX19 Token Set, help you denote the array of battlefield effects in your tabletop battles.

Though not essential to your games of Dystopian Wars, they are a must-have for any collector or those who want to upgrade their card tokens.

Contains: Raging Fire Tokens x4, Fusion Leak Tokens x4, Engine Failure Tokens x3, Weapon Damage Tokens x3, Generators Offline Tokens x3, Navigational Lock Tokens x3, Shredded Defences Tokens x2 and Chaos and Disarray x2 Tokens. All 24 Tokens come with a clear acrylic stand.