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Flames Of War (WWII): Banzai - Imperial Japanese Forces In The Pacific

Code: BFMFW307
Manufacturer: Battlefront Miniatures
Flames Of War (WWII): Banzai - Imperial Japanese Forces In The Pacific

SRP: $20.00
Cost: please inquire
The Japanese Imperial armed forces had been at war since 1931 in China and Manchuria. Their war in the Pacific is just the next step in asserting their leadership over the Asia-Pacific region. In a series and well-planned and executed campaigns in late-1941 and 1942 veteran Japanese forces quickly asserted their dominance in southeast Asia and the western Pacific, toppling the western colonial powers and taking control of these resource rich regions for the greater good of the Japanese Empire.

However, the Japanese strike on Pearl Harbor has woken the Americans. The Japanese must fight with determination to hold their gains, to push the westerners back, and consolidate Japanese control.

Each inch of ground is not given lightly, with each beach, hill, village, island, and airfield defended and counter-attacked with a ferocity and spirit of will that no enemy can stand against.