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No Quarter Prime: Issue #2

Code: PIPNQP02
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
No Quarter Prime: Issue #2

SRP: $9.00
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No Quarter Prime #2

The second issue of the all-new No Quarter Prime hits stores in November.

  • Boost the scale of warfare with the full rules for Unbound, now updated to the new edition rules.
  • Unbound lets you play giant battles with multiple 'casters utilizing streamlined rules.
  • Fight for the hardiest kith and kin with the Northkin theme force, detailing the background, organization, and lives of these frosty Trollbloods.
  • Plus, catch up on the history of the Iron Kingdoms with the next installment of "The Fire & The Forge," explore the contested city of Fellig in "Hostile Territory," and get some insight on the stats of upcoming releases in "After Action Report."