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2018 Vengeful Deeds Core Kit [Retail Only]

Code: PIP99171
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
2018 Vengeful Deeds Core Kit [Retail Only]

SRP: $9.99
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The people of Llael have suffered under the tyranny of greater nations, but the time of vengeance is at hand! Vengeful Deeds is a one-month narrative league for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Company of Iron. Players will take part in the escalating conflict of occupied Llael as they seek revenge on the oppressors of the devastated nation…and on each other. Players will also receive a Draegyn the Black Bastard miniature, along with a Company of Iron exclusive stat card, to use him in their games during Vengeful Deeds and beyond.

The core kit contains: (1) Thamarite Black token set, (8) Draegyn the Black Bastard miniatures, (8) Draegyn the Black Bastard stat cards, (8) Company of Iron Commander Upgrade Cards I, and (8) Company of Iron Commander Upgrade Cards II.