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Miniature Terrain: Indomitus Aldan - The Bell of Souls Tower

Code: BAI0100083
Manufacturer: Bandua Wargames
Miniature Terrain: Indomitus Aldan - The Bell of Souls Tower

SRP: $85.00
Cost: please inquire
The Indomitus Aldan range is composed of epic scale Ruins that recreate in an incomparable way the battles of a grim and dark future, with very thick walls and damages from epic battles. With a high quality and detailed pre-painted, ready to assemble and play.

This product contains one leaning tower. A centerpiece for any thematic table of ruins and destroyed buildings. This huge piece of terrain can cover even the most gigantic vehicle, hiding behind its thick walls while snipers occupy its rooftop positioning to hunt the most unsuspecting characters. With high-quality pre-painted and great details, such as seals, windows frames, or vents, as well as bullet holes and battle marks. It also includes transparent stained glass windows painted with the same motifs.

*miniatures shown for scale only, not included*