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Christmas Gift Wrap: Cthulhu Wrap

Code: GGP0530
Manufacturer: Gaming Paper
Christmas Gift Wrap: Cthulhu Wrap

SRP: $9.99
Cost: please inquire
No bows, bells, balloons, and floral prints for us--no sir! This is not Gaming Paperís first foray into the wrapping paper, either. It started it out with Stan! wrap and then added Dork Tower Wrap to the line. Now, following it up with Cthulhu Wrapping paper. Thatís right, your favorite Great Old One can now wrap your loved onesí gifts in tentacled nightmares!

All of the amazing Cthulhu design work is by renown artist Joel Biske. Each roll is 30Ē wide and 12í long, made from high quality paper, and printed in long lasting high quality ink.