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Gaming Paper Singles (1'' Blue Squares)

Code: GGP1201
Manufacturer: Gaming Paper
Gaming Paper Singles (1'' Blue Squares)

SRP: $14.99
Cost: please inquire
What your flavor, Gaming Paper has you covered!

Gaming Paper started with the big 30" x 12' rolls. Customers kept asking if the paper could be cut into printable sheets. We listened and came up with Gaming Paper Singles, featuring 1" squares. It was a great success. Now, people are asking for 1" and 1.5" hexes, too. We now offer a wide variety of Gaming Paper Singles.

Why Gaming Paper Single sheets?

- Easy to use and transport; standard paper size and weight

- Line up side-by-side to make larger rooms, or use scissors to make smaller rooms

- Printer friendly; no art skills required

- Reveal only what you want your players to see

- Use markers, paints, pencils, pens, crayons, stamps, and just about anything else to create cool immersive maps