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Dystopian Wars: (Alliance Nations) Ottoman Empire Naval Battle Group

Manufacturer: Spartan Games
Dystopian Wars: (Alliance Nations) Ottoman Empire Naval Battle Group

SRP: $96.25
Cost: please inquire
Skimming above the waves on powerful air-jets and finely manipulated magnetic fields, the warships of the Ottoman Dominions are as graceful as they are fearsome. Leading this fleet is a powerful Sadrazam Class Battleship, a floating fortress bristling with gun batteries and turrets. Keeping station around the giant is a trio of sturdy Fett'h Class Cruisers, ready to shatter the enemy with crushing broadsides and lethal floating mines. Sweeping the seas below with volley guns and cannon batteries, are squadrons of Mizrak Class Frigates. Finally, keeping station above are escorting aeroplanes and Zuh'f Class Small Flyers, making this Battle Group a complete and deadly fighting force.

Contains: 1 x Sadrazam Class Skimming Battleship, 4 x Fett'h Class Skimming Cruisers, 8 x Mizrak Class Skimming Frigate/Escort, 3 x Zuh'f Class Small Flyers, 10 x Tiny Flyer Tokens and 8 x Skimming Mines