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Dystopian Wars: (Empire Of The Blazing Sun) Hunter Flotilla

Manufacturer: Spartan Games
Dystopian Wars: (Empire Of The Blazing Sun) Hunter Flotilla

SRP: $44.50
Cost: please inquire
Inside this box is an Empire of the Blazing Sun Hunter Flotilla. Two mighty and menacing Ika Class Mechanical Squids take the forefront of this detachment. Lurking below the waves, they arise from the depths to ensnare ships with their coiling, metal tentacles and drag them deep below the ocean surface. Supported by fast and deadly Corvettes, a Hunter Flotilla is the perfect tool for chasing down enemy supporting craft, adding a nasty surprise to any Naval Force.

Contains: 2 x Ika Class Mechanical Squids and 5 x Fujin Class Corvettes