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Dystopian Wars: (Empire Of The Blazing Sun) Ground Fortifications

Manufacturer: Spartan Games
Dystopian Wars: (Empire Of The Blazing Sun) Ground Fortifications

SRP: $54.25
Cost: please inquire
Inside this box is a line of Empire of the Blazing Sun Fortifications. Geographically the smallest of the Great Powers, Blazing Sun Commanders know the price that is to be paid if even an inch of the Empresses territory should be lost to a foreign aggressor. As a result, although appearing as feudal castles, Blazing Sun Towers and Bunker Complexes are in fact near indestructible modern fortresses of concrete and Sturginium-alloy steel, armed from floor to rafters with mighty guns and flaming rocketry. Fortifications make a useful addition to an Armoured Fleet, or can make a fun addition to Scenario games.

Contains: 2 x Tower Sets and 1 x Bunker Complex