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Drakerys is a 32mm miniature range & wargame for hardcore players & collectors. It uses a popular theme and associates it to a modern gameplay.

• The theme revisits classic
fantasy armies like wilds orcs and chivalric humans clashing to conquer a world
where magic is returning. The game is set in an evolving storyline where
ambitious empires and ancient creatures join the fray as the land itself is torn
by reawakening energies.

• Most miniatures troops used in Drakerys are produced in plastic for an easier
access. As central figures of the game, some heroes will be produced in high
quality resin. Miniatures can be assembled with various con figurations for
maximum customization in both

gameplay, looks and painting.

• The game uses classic fantasy army building with an fresh twist: players use a
special Action Wheel to determine whose turn is it to play and what units can
do. The same player can play several times in a row or execute glorious feats at
the price of increased risks, or use a more cautions approach to moving his
army. This unforeseen game mechanic sets a new vision in fantasy gaming

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