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Get a Cursed Court Retail Promo Kit and sell more games!


The Cursed Court Retail Promo Kit is a collection of prizes, giveaways, and tools to promote Cursed Court events in your store. Use them in any way to best promote sales and play of Cursed Court. Each kit includes:

  • Exclusive Components: Three full sets of player components in exclusive new gold, silver, and bronze colors. (Four crowns, twenty coins, and a scoring token in each of the three colors.) Suggested as event prizes.

  • Exclusive Giveaways: Twelve exclusive promotional first wager markers. Suggested for use as giveaways to all event participants.

  • Event Poster: To help promote your event(s) and Cursed Court’s availability in your store.

  • Teaching One-sheet. To help staff or players get up to speed on Cursed Court, including a link to seven minute learn-to-play video.

  • Event One-sheet. To help staff or volunteers structure a fun, inclusive Cursed Court tournament to your community’s desired level of competitiveness.

Release: March 2018
Stock Number: AG1401

Price: One kit free per store location with the purchase of two or more copies of Cursed Court, while supplies last.

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