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Blood Red Skies

Code: WLG771510001
Manufacturer: Warlord Games
Blood Red Skies

SRP: $50.00
Cost: please inquire
Blood Red Skies is a game of mass aerial combat. The simple and effective rules set lend themselves easily to games of 20+ planes per side.

Each plane is represented by its own model without the need to plot, plan or record actions.
Games generally last between 45 minutes to an hour, this can be extended further with the use of the Advance rules and pilot Aces.

Gameplay simulates the topsy turvey confusion of battle factor of chaotic aerial combat.
With two squadrons of six planes, core rules, scenarios, templates, dice and counters, the rigid box format core game ($49.99) contains everything needed to get you started. The further Advance rules introduce Aces and the card deck containing Doctrine, Theatre and Ace Skill cards.

Models are supplied in coloured plastic to aid players in getting their forces battling as soon as possible. Our demo set has been simply painted to show how easy it is for the hobby gamer to add their own personal touch.

The models are detailed 1/200th scale planes that can be easily painted for added realism to your battle.