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The Dark Eye RPG: One Death in Grangor Adventure

Code: ULIUS25314E
Manufacturer: Ulisses Spiele
The Dark Eye RPG: One Death in Grangor Adventure

SRP: $19.99
Cost: please inquire
A TDE adventure for 1 GM and 3-5 players who enjoy hard-boiled detective stories.

Sumudan de Vries made a risky investment in a trading voyage to the exotic southern continent of Uthuria, and his gamble paid off. Almost overnight, the daring young merchant became one of the richest men in Grangor and gained the admiration of his peers, the respect of the city's patricians, and the blessing of Phex. His new-found fame even secured him a place in high society and gave him a taste of real political power. His next business venture promised to make him a legend. His sudden murder shocked the whole community.

The search for Sumudan's killer leads the heroes from splendid counting houses and patricians' palaces to the seedy taverns and dark tenement blocks that crowd the city's less-desirable canals. After a harrowing chase, the suspect finally ends up in chains, but the facts don't add up. While the city looks forward to a speedy execution, the heroes must race to solve a convoluted mystery and put an end of all the troubles that started with one death in Grangor.

A copy of the Core Rules (Standard or Pocket Edition), Aventuria Almanac (Standard or Pocket Edition), and Aventuria Compendium are required to run this adventure.