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Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes (2nd Edition)

Code: LLP1001
Manufacturer: Lock n Load Publishing
Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes (2nd Edition)

SRP: $59.99
Cost: please inquire
Mark H. Walker's Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes 2nd Edition is the reprint of the Lock 'n Load game that returned the award winning tactical combat system to the hedgerows of Normandy. Lock �n Load is the game system that features "more game and less guff." Don�t waste hours with convoluted rulebooks cobbled together in the name American Paratroopers attack Carentan in Lock 'n Load: Band of Heroes 2nd Editionof realism. Dive right in and play with Lock �n Load�s rapid fire impulse system and immersive graphics. Although a squad-based game, single men also make a difference - Leaders, heroes, medics, and even chaplains inspire their men; leading them to feats of heroic bravery. Random events triggered during play add to the "you -are-there" feeling. Ambushes spring unannounced, squads panic in unforeseen circumstances, and unexpected air support saves the day. It�s all here, in a game that plays much like a good military adventure novel.

  • Six lush, HALOLESS, MOUNTED geomorphic maps.
  • 480+ beautiful counters, counters, representing the men and equipment from the 82nd, 101st, 17th SS Panzergrenadier, 6th Fallschirmjager, 91st Airlanding, and 352nd Infantry Divisions.
  • 16 Skill Cards, providing Leaders and Heroes with special abilities.
  • The 16 original Band of Heroes Scenarios, plus two, brand new scenarios for those who pre-order.
  • Lock 'n Load V3 RULES and Player's aid chart. Keep up with the latest changes in the Lock 'n Load game system.