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Complete Manufacturer List

[2HG] 2 Handsome Games [4WF] 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
[FGR] 4Ground Miniatures [ETS] 8th Summit Games
[AAW] AAW Games [AYG] Academy Games
[AKG] Action Phase Games [ASS] Adam's Apple Games
[ADT] Admiralty Trilogy [AKI] AK Interactive, S.L.
[AKB] Akibabus Ltd [ALC] ALC Studio
[AEG] Alderac Entertainment Group [AAE] Alligator Alley Entertainment
[ADB] Amarillo Design Bureau [APM] Amera Plastic Mouldings
[AMM] AMMO by Mig Jimenez [ANK] Ankama Games
[AWI] Antenocitis Workshop Limited [AMG] Anti Matter Games
[APU] Arc Dream Publishing [AWG] Arcane Wonders
[ARQ] Archona Games [ARC] Arcknight
[AGS] Ares Games [ARM] ArmsKeeper Hobby Accessories
[ADM] Artizan Designs [ASI] Asmadi Games
[ASM] Asmodee Editions [ASY] Asylum Miniatures
[ATH] Atheris Games [ATG] Atlas Games
[AOP] Atomic Overmind Press [ATD] Attack Dice
[AUT] Autarch LLC [APL] Avalanche Press
[AOW] Avatars of War [AWF] Awful Fantasy Games
[BNB] B&B Games Studio [BGG] Baba Geek Games
[BAD] Badger Air-Brush Company [BAK] Baksha Games
[BAN] Bandai Hobby [BAI] Bandua Wargames
[BWB] Bandwagon Books [BTM] Bantam Books
[BCK] Basiks - Basic Bricks of Awesome [BPI] Battlefield Press
[BFM] Battlefront Miniatures [BAU] Baueda Wargames
[BCW] BCW Supplies [BED] Bedrock Games
[BWR] Bellwether Games [BWR] Bellwether Games
[BEZ] Bezier Games [BIN] Bin-Fa
[BSM] Black Scorpion Miniatures [BLG] Blue Orange Games
[BPN] Blue Panther Games [BTD] Board to Death
[BOM] Bombshell Miniatures [BRN] Brain Games USA
[BNG] Brand New Games [BTG] Bravely Told Games
[BFR] Break From Reality Games [BGM] Brotherwise Games
[BTI] Burnt Island Games [BNS] By Night Studios
[CW0] Cakebread & Walton [CLP] Calliope Games
[CWE] Candlewick Entertainment [CWE] Candlewick Entertainment
[CBE] Cardboard Edison [CAR] CardLords
[CAT] Catalyst Game Labs [CPH] Cephalofair Games
[CHA] Chaosium [CAG] Cheapass Games
[CPG] Cheeky Parrot Games [CHX] Chessex Manufacturing
[CHB] Chronicle Books [CHB] Chronicle Books & Partners
[CHC] Chronicle City [COA] Clash of Arms
[ATO] Clash of Arms - Against the Odds Series [CMW] Clerics of the Midwest
[NRD] Closet Nerd Games [CMM] CMON Miniatures
[CEW] Collins Epic Wargames [CLG] Columbia Games
[CIM] Comic Images [CPS] Compass Games
[CQG] Conquest Games [CCM] Copplestone Castings
[COR] Corvus Belli (Infinity) [CFG] Crafty Games
[CTS] CritSuccess [CDG] Crocodile Games
[CDS] Crooked Dice Game Design Studio [CMU] Crusader Miniatures USA
[CMY] Crypt Monkey Studios [CZE] Cryptozoic
[CYC] Crystal Caste [CB7] Cubicle 7 Entertainment
[CTM] Customeeple [DMG] Daily Magic Games
[DVG] Dan Verssen Games [DHM] Dark Hammer Miniature
[DSM] Dark Sword Miniatures [DGD] Dead Gentlemen Productions
[DCG] Decision Games [DWG] Deep Water Games
[DWE] Devious Weasel Games [DEV] Devir Games
[DEX] Dex Protection [DGS] DGS Games LLC
[DHT] Dice Hate Me Games [DIS] Disruptive Inc
[DKP] DK Publishing [DGP] Do Gooder Press
[DSH] Dragon Shield [DBM] Dragonblood Miniatures
[DFG] Dream Forge Games [DP9] Dream Pod 9
[DRP] Dreamscarred Press [DZC] Dropzone Commander
[DGE] Dude Games [DYS] Dyskami Publishing Company
[ERP] e-Raptor Games [FDD] Eagle-Gryphon Games
[EGG] Eagle-Gryphon Games [EDN] Eden Studios
[EDV] EdgeVision Inc [EDO] Education Outdoors
[ELF] ElfinWerks [ELZ] Elzra Games (formerly Sands of Time)
[ECE] Emerald City Expeditions, LLC [ETG] End Transmission Games
[EGP] Engine Publishing [ENM] Enigma Miniatures US
[ESG] Epic Supplies of Gaming [EPB] Epidemic Books
[ESL] ESLO HOBBY [EHP] Evil Hat Productions
[EGS] Exile Game Studio [EXE] Existence Games
[XRP] Expeditious Retreat Press [EMC] Expert Model Craft
[E4G] Eye4Games [FNX] Fabled Nexus
[FAB] FabricateIO [FCD] Facade Games
[FCE] FaceEater Games [FFG] Fantasy Flight Games
[FAR] Far Future Enterprises [FAS] FASA
[FGG] Fat Goblin Games [FLS] Faultline Studios
[FFN] Final Frontier Games [FSW] Final Sword Productions
[FRG] Fireforge Games [FRK] Firelock Games
[FSD] Fireside Games [FIS] First Fish Games
[FLD] Floodgate Games [FBI] Flying Buffalo Games
[FFP] Flying Frog Productions [FIB] Forged in Battle
[FFA] Formal Ferret Games [FTE] Frank Tiano Enterprises
[FBM] Freebooter Miniatures [FLG] Frontline Gaming Mats
[F21] Fun to 11 [FNF] FunForge
[GAL] Galakta [GF9] Gale Force Nine
[GHG] Gallant Hand's Gamers Gear [GFM] Game Forces Magazine
[GPW] Game Playwright [GSU] Game Salute
[GAM] Gamelyn Games [GPS] GamesPlus Products
[GZM] Gamezone Miniatures [GGP] Gaming Paper
[GCT] GCT Studios [GNX] Gen-X Games
[GNS] Genius Games [GGS] GG Studio
[GIP] Giant in the Playground [GTE] GiftTRAP
[GMT] GMT Games [GAG] Goblin Army Games
[GMG] Goodman Games [GNH] Gordon & Hague
[OOC] Gorilla Games [GRL] Grail Games
[GGD] Grand Gamers Guild [GEG] Great Escape Games
[GRN] Great Northern Games [GTG] Greater Than Games
[GCG] Green Couch Games [GRR] Green Ronin Publishing
[GNG] Greenbrier Games [GFG] Grey Fox Games
[GGG] Grey Ghost Press [GGM] Griggling Games
[GRG] Grindhouse Games [GPB] Gripping Beast
[GUT] Gut Bustin' Games [HAB] HABA
[HAB] HABA USA [HAS] Hack and Slash Games
[HGF] Happy Games Factory [HSM] Happy Seppuku Model Works
[HBS] Harebrained Schemes [HFM] Hasslefree Miniatures
[HDF] Hawk Wargames [HAY] Haywire Group
[HCD] HCD Supplies [HGN] HGN Games
[HPS] Hit Point Sales LLC [HTM] Hitech Miniatures
[HLU] HL Games [HWF] Hotwire Foam Factory
[HUB] HUB Games [HYM] Hydra Miniatures
[IEL] Iello Games [IMM] Immortal Miniatures
[IMX] Impact Miniatures [IBC] Indie Boards & Cards
[IGD] Indie Game Developer Network [INB] Infinite Black
[INK] Inkwell Ideas [IWM] Iron Wind Metals
[IRG] Irongames [IMG] Ironmark Games
[JPG] Japanime Games [JAS] Jasco Games
[JBM] JBM Press [JBG] Jellybean Games
[JWP] John Wick Presents [JRG] Jolly Roger Games
[JRM] JR Miniatures [JSG] Junk Spirit Games
[JUW] Juweela Scenics [KAL] Kalmbach Publishing / Rather Dashing Games
[KAR] Karwansaray Publishers [KEG] Keep Exploring Games
[KEN] Kenzer & Co. [KYM] Keymaster Games
[KTG] Kids Table Board Gaming [KST] Knight Models
[KOB] Kobold Press [KOP] Koplow Games
[KRM] KR Multicase [KRF] Kraftmark
[KRO] Kromlech Bits & Accessories [KYG] Kyoudai Games
[LDG] L2 Design Group [LFP] Lamentations of the Flame Princess
[LNC] Lark & Clam [LCW] Laser Craft Workshop
[LSC] Last Stand Convertibles [LWS] Lay Waste Games
[LED] Leder Games LLC [LGP] Legendary Games
[LRT] Legendary Realms Terrain [LGN] Legion Premium Supplies
[LWG] Legion Wargames [LTM] Letiman Games
[L99] Level 99 Games [LHD] Liontouch (Hotaling Imports Inc.)
[LAO] LITKO Game Accessories [LMW] LMW Works
[LLP] Lock n Load Publishing [LWD] Lone Wolf Development
[LOO] Looney Labs [LUC] Lucid Eye Publications
[LKY] Lucky Duck Games [MNW] Man at War Miniatures Games
[MGC] Mantic Games [MWP] Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.
[MJD] Mariucci J. Designs, LLC [MFL] Mary Flanagan LLC
[MTT] Mattel [MXM] MaxMini Accessories
[MDG] Mayday Games [MFG] Mayfair Games Inc.
[MVL] Medieval Lords [MCX] MegaCon Games
[MEG] Megagiga Omni Corp/Skybound [MLV] Melior Via, LLC
[MCY] Mercury Games [MET] Metallic Dice Games
[MEZ] Mezco Toyz [MAS] Micro Art Studios
[MRM] Mierce Miniatures [MIL] Milliput
[MBA] Miniature Building Authority [MNI] Minion Games
[MIN] Minotaur Games [MMU] Mission Models US
[MCS] Modern Conflict Studies Group [MUH] Modiphius Entertainment
[MOV] MomentumVolsk (Castle Assault) [MGP] Mongoose Publishing
[MFS] Monkeyfun Studios [MCG] Monte Cook Games
[MMG] Moon Monster Games [MRB] Mr. B Games
[MOC] Mutha Oith Creations [MMS] Myrmidon Studio
[NAZ] Nazca Games [NMP] Nevermet Press
[NVM] Nevermore Games [NPK] Neverpeak Games
[NFM] NF Miniatures [NDR] Nine Dragons RPG Ltd
[NJD] Ninja Division Publishing LLC [NJS] Ninja Star Games
[9LG] Ninth Level Games [NTM] Nocturnal Media
[NSG] North Star Games [NOR] North Star Miniatures
[NSD] Nothing Sacred Games [NSK] NSKN Games
[NUM] Numbskull Games [ODD] Odd Bird Games
[OFC] Offcut Games [ONK] Oink Games
[OSS] One Small Step Games [ONX] Onyx Path Publishing
[ORN] Orange Machine Games [OSP] Osprey Publishing
[OWC] Other World Creations [OWM] Otherworld Miniatures
[OTB] Out of the Box Publishing [OLA] Outland Arts
[OWG] Overworld Games [PZO] Paizo
[PAL] Palladium Books [PAN] Pandasaurus Games
[PCI] Paradigm Concepts [PGS] Passport Game Studio
[PGH] Pegasus Hobbies [PGU] Pegasus Spiele
[PEL] Pelgrane Press [PFX] Pencil First Games, LLC
[PNH] Pendelhaven Games [PEX] Perplext
[PRM] Perry Miniatures [PEG] Petersen Games
[PIR] Pirate Lab [PHG] Plaid Hat Games
[PCG] Plast Craft Games [PSC] Plastic Soldier Company
[PFI] Playfusion Inc. [PLE] Playroom Entertainment
[PCN] Popcorn Press [POW] Portable Warfare
[PLG] Portal Games [PTP] Portal Publishing
[PSN] Posthuman Studios [PPG] PoweredPlay Gaming
[PIP] Privateer Press [PIC] Prodos Games
[PFS] ProFantasy Software [PLF] Prolific Games
[PGG] Proving Ground Games [PAM] Pulp Alley
[QWS] Q-Workshop [QTP] Quantum Printing
[QNG] Queen Games [QXG] Quixotic Games
[RRG] R&R Games [RTG] R. Talsorian Games
[RGH] Raging Heroes Miniatures [RAI] RAINN Studios, LLC
[RDG] Rather Dashing [RVN] Ravensburger
[REB] Reality Blurs [RPR] Reaper Miniatures
[RVM] Red Raven Games [REO] Restoration Games
[REV] Revolution Games [RIO] Rio Grande Games
[REM] Ristul's Extraordinary Market [RVH] River Horse Games
[RGG] Rogue Games [R4I] Role 4 Initiative LLC
[ROX] Roxley Games [RUM] Rubicon Models
[RSG] Rumbleslam Games [SBL] Sabol Designs
[SAF] Safari LTD [SGP] Sanguine Productions
[SQG] Sasquatch Game Studio [SCB] Scarab Miniatures (War & Conquest)
[SMM] Scibor Monstrous Miniatures [SGR] Scotia Grendel Productions
[SDG] Sea Dog Game Studios [TSF] Secret Fire Games
[SWM] Secret Weapon Miniatures [SNT] Sentinel Games
[SET] SET Enterprises [SFR] SFR, Inc.
[SHM] Shieldwolf Miniatures [SMG] Sierra Madre Games
[SRS] Sirius Games [SXP] Sixpence Games
[SKM] Skirmish Campaigns [SFG] Slugfest Games
[SND] Smirk & Dagger Games [SRE] Soaring Rhino
[SPM] Soda Pop Miniatures [SOG] Solace Games
[GOA] Space Goat Productions, Inc. [SUB] Spartacus Publishing
[SPG] Spartan Games [SPC] Spellcrow Miniatures
[SPH] Sphere Games [SPN] Spin Master
[SAS] Spiral Arm Studios [SQM] Squadron Models
[STP] Starting Player [SJG] Steve Jackson Games
[SBE] Stone Blade Games [STM] Stonemaier Games
[STT] Stratus Games [SHG] Stronghold Games
[S2P] Studio 2 Publishing [STG] Studio 202 Games
[STE] Studio 38 Miniatures [S9G] Studio 9 Games
[SDM] Studio Miniatures [STW] Studio Woe
[SEZ] Summon Entertainment [SSB] Supersonic Bionic
[SYR] Syrinscape [TOW] Tale of War Miniatures
[TTT] Tasty Minstrel Games [TCI] Team Components, Inc.
[TNG] Terra Nova Games [TAK] Thames & Kosmos
[TAP] The Army Painter [TDM] The Design Mechanism Inc.
[THS] Thick Skull Adventures [3EG] Third Eye Games
[TTF] Titan Forge [TCE] Token Counters
[TDT] Tokidoki's [TGR] Tor Gaming
[TYV] Toy Vault [TAG] Triple Ace Games
[TLG] Troll Lord Games [TTC] TTCombat
[TTS] TTCombat [TPS] Turning Point Simulations
[TLC] Twilight Creations Inc. [THW] Two Hour Wargames
[ULI] Ulisses Spiele [UPE] Ultra Pro Entertainment
[UPR] Ultra-Pro [UNI] Unipolar Games Inc.
[USO] USAopoly [VAL] Vallejo Paint
[VLY] Valley Games [VSC] Vampire Squid Cards
[VAT] Vatican Painter Products [VOG] Vesper-On Games
[VPG] Victory Point Games [WEX] Warcradle Studios
[WGF] Wargames Factory [WLG] Warlord Games
[WST] West Wind Productions [WWG] White Wizard Games
[W3D] Wiggles Three-D [WDF] Wildfire LLC
[WNB] Winsor & Newton Brushes [WZK] WizKids
[WTM] World Tank Museum [WYR] Wyrd Miniatures
[XTR] Xtronaut Enterprises [ANC] Xyston Miniatures
[YMG] Your Move Games [ZEN] Zenit Miniatures
[ZIP] Zipwhaa [ZTD] Ziterdes Terrain
[ZSM] ZombieSmith [ZPG] ZPG Games
[ZVE] Zvezda